Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hello again.

This is my second attempt at blogging, I am in a much better head space than ever before and feel that I have a lot to say about life, parenting teens and marriage. I am no expert, I just hope to bring a smile to your faces.

Len and I have been married for 24 years (living together for 30!!!@@@!!!) and we have a daughter Megan who is 18 and a son Andy who is 16.  Life is changing for us big time and it is how these changes affect us and how we deal with them that I hope to write about.

Humour has played a big part in our lives, I have found that laughing with my children over the most ridiculous things really bonds us together.  

This week I went shopping with my sister and her family at Costco, I took Andy and a mate.  The boys loved the trolleys, they are huge! So, the boys went racing around the car park, taking turns pushing each other and making car noises. I couldn't help but laugh, and even in the lift strangers were smiling.  After lunch in the cafeteria, Andy's mate hopped into the trolley with Andy pushing him, I thought for sure the lady at the door would tell him to hop out. No, she told me to keep my toddler tied in and then giggled.  Andy found a huge stuffed monkey that must be about 5 foot tall, so he hopped back into the trolley and put the monkey on top of himself and went around asking people where the bananas were. In the hour that we were there and the boys were doing this, only one person got annoyed with them.  I could so easily have gotten stressed and frustrated with them but I decided to laugh at them, they were hurting no one. 

They have asked to go again next week.

By laughing with them and allowing them to be the foolish 16 year olds that they are, I like to think I am honouring them and their unique qualities. At least I like to think that.

Bye for now