Tuesday, November 12, 2013


All of her life Megan has spoken of travelling overseas. Now that she is working,  trips are being planned. The first trip us to Brisbane to visit her lifelong friend, Simon and they are heading to Fraser Island for some 4wd action.

Today we went to the travel agents and collected some brochures about Europe. Whilst at the shops, we went into Aldi and found these amazing travel journals for $4!!!!  At home I showed Megan some Smash albums that I had seen on Pinterest and she was intrigued, so her journal is going to become her personal smash/travel journal with pictures and lists of places to go.

We never did any travelling overseas, we had one trip to New Zealand, and I must admit that looking at Megan's brochures I am really jealous.  Oh well, maybe one day I will see the world.

Bye for now

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