Saturday, December 28, 2013


Ten random facts about me -

1. I love Christmas and struggle a lot with the changes having older children bring.

2. I read every single day.  I have been known to read with a torch whilst camping in the days before Kindles.

3. I love baking and my shiny red mixer.

4. I am a technology geek.  I love my iPad.

5. My great aunt taught me to crochet when I was 13, but my passion for crocheting has only returned recently as I thought it was a daggy hobby.

6. I love the colour of my walls so much that this is the second home we have painted this colour.

7. I didn't finish school, so I will do anything g humanly possible to make sure my children do.

8. I have been living with my husband Len for 30 years!

9. My children are my world.

10. One day I would like to go to Europe.

Bye for now,

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