Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cushion Sewing

A little while ago, my friend and I named my depression Carmen. No particular reason. I was just drawn to that name.

Anyway, Carmen has been visiting these last few days, which is why I have been quiet. I just needed some time to reflect and regroup. I still don't feel myself but after an afternoon of sewing, I am feeling a bit more centred.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a kit from The Crafty Squirrel to make a cushion from charm squares cut from vintage sheets.  I spent a week trying to put the squares in the perfect order and of course, didn't sew anything. Today I just got out the kit and quickly put the squares in a pleasing order and went for it.

There was a lot of sorting, some sewing, some ironing, learning how to sew buttonholes again, some quilting and finally, putting in a cushion insert.  It was a really clear set of instructions and we all love our new cushion.

Debbie xxx


  1. Hi Debbie, I came across your blog as you just started following me on instagram - Lilyden Creations :) I am sorry to hear that you suffer from depression. I suffered from it myself many years ago after losing two of my sisters in a space of 3 years. I really feel for anyone who suffers from this horrible illness. It is lovely to see you got yourself sewing and have managed to whip up a beautiful cushion. Well done.