Monday, October 14, 2013

Last week

This last week has been a normal, crazy busy type of week for us.  Len has been busy at work.  Megan has been busy with work, Uni and prac at the local day care centre.  I returned to work after the 2 week school holidays. I have been working on Megan's quilt and also crocheting dishcloths for a swap being run by Mel at OneCraftyMumma.

Andy has been so busy we hardly get to see him. Between his job at MacDonalds, school and the gym there is rarely any down time for him.  He did manage to get a haircut, but I am not happy as he cut off all of his curls and he no longer looks like my little boy, he looks so grown up :(

As Andy is in year 10, there have been a few conversations about career paths.  A few ideas that have floated around are engineer, physiotherapist, doctor, electrician, police officer. You know the normal types of things a 16 year old boy talks about.  Today I received a text message from him saying he would like to join the Navy as a Boatswains mate and he only needs Yr 10 English and Maths to get in. Oh, and he could get in next year when he turns 17. Ummm. Number 1 - since when has the Navy even entered his head? and Number 2 - over my dead body will he be leaving school before he does his HSC.

Andy has a very clever mind but is not interested in pushing himself. I can see lots of sighing and door slamming as we look into his latest career goal.

Luckily Megan always knew what she wanted to do with her life and was/is willing to do whatever it takes.  Education was not valued by my parents and I have struggled all of my life as I have no formal qualifications, my main goal as a parent was to make sure my children have better life choices than I had.  This is going to make for an interesting time.

Bye for now,

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  1. My daughter is the same as yours she is hard working and worked very hard to get where she is in as a computer Anaylist I am so proud of her.Our boy though is different he is only 6 and this week he wants to drive fire trucks..last month it was a writer .so who knows what he will end up one thing for sure is he too will do his HSC I didn't and wish I did I left in year 11-love dee ps I loved your dish cloths-dee x