Thursday, October 24, 2013


I haven't been around very much lately as our lives have just been crazy.

Crazy busy and crazy bored and crazy scary.

There has been some knitting and crocheting happening and also some sewing. I will share what I have been doing in another post. Andy and I are on a weeks "holiday" from work and school.  Life is normal for Len and Megan, well sort of.

Let me start with last Thursday.  I was about to finish work and looked out of my window to a massive smoke cloud in our homes direction so I quickly shut up work and dashed to the car. I started getting text messages that the school was in lockdown and the students were sheltering from the fire in their classrooms. I looked around at the school where I work and thought that cant be right, they are letting me leave.  It wasn't right, it was Andy's school.

That began a 6 hour nightmare of knowing my son was trapped in his school whilst homes were burnt down around it and knowing I could do nothing.  We had mobile phone contact for most of the afternoon so we had reassurance that all was ok, at one point that contact was lost as there were so many parents letting their children know their homes were lost and the children were becoming hysterical, so the decision was made to cut the phone contact completely.  We finally got our distraught boy home at 7.30 that night.

Friday morning I decided to go to work as everything seemed to have quietened down.  11.30 am I got the call that we were on standby to evacuate.  Poor Megan was home alone and was starting to panic, so we calmly packed what we wanted and prepared ourselves, but luckily for us we didn't have to leave.

Andy's school has been closed for the week and my school decided their weren't enough students attending to warrant running the canteen so I didn't need to go to work.

Wednesday was the day authorities thought would be the worst day, so we again prepared ourselves and sat home waiting. There was some embers flying around but our neighbourhood was so well organised that anything that hit the ground was put out immediately.  The fire is still burning 8 days later but is under control.

This photo was taken at the back of Andy's school. (photo from The Daily Telegraph)

We are ok and things will be back to normal from Monday. Yay!

Back soon with some crafty sharing.



  1. I can only imagine what it would be like! What a horrifying experience! But such good news that you are safe and well :-)

  2. I cant begin to know how you all felt but are so glad that things are settleing down again-love dee

  3. It must have been such a scary time with all those fires burning around you but I'm so glad you're all ok. xx