Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Makes Me Laugh

Today is my boys 17th birthday, and I have to admit he makes me laugh all of the time.  Sometimes I laugh when I shouldn't.

When Andy was little he couldn't say "alpaca" instead saying "old pecker". I laughed every single time he said it.

On his 9th birthday, Andy told me he would be having his 18th birthday at a pub and when I asked why, he told me he was going to be a drinker not a gambler.

Every day Andy makes it his mission to make me laugh. He also likes to bring a smile to other peoples faces. Today his friends took him to Tex Mex for his birthday lunch and they all completed the 1kg burrito challenge and their prize was a wrestling face mask.  On the way home, they went through the Macdonalds drive thru for ice cream and yep Andy wore his mask.

I love this about my boy.  Happy birthday Andy!

Deb xx

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  1. Happy Birthday times does fly dosnt it....I too remember all the funny things Kerry and Aidan said when little most are written down just to remember when im older ha ha -love dee x