Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Post Every Day in May - Day 26

I have been on a journey of self discovery this last 18 months or so and one major thing I have discovered about myself is that I start a project full of enthusiasm and struggle to keep that enthusiasm going to the end.

At the start of the year I signed up for Ali Edwards course, One Little Word, and whilst I still have my word in my thoughts every day, I have not kept up with the prompts.

Fat Mum Slim puts up photo prompts every month and I have stopped even reading the prompts because I never get to the end of the month.

When I read about this Post Every Day in May being run by Sunday at Love Happy Daily, I was so enthusiastic, but I am finding it hard to keep the momentum going.

I am happy to know this about myself but I would love to be able to change it. I am not sure if it is indifference, lack of enthusiasm, laziness or what?  Does anyone have any tried and true methods for keeping focused?

Debbie x

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  1. All I can say Debbie is you are not alone. And it's almost the end of May and haven't you done all the prompts? Well done! I too am doing One Little Word and I really just did into it when I get a chance. And I try to make decisions while asking 'what would a person who is (fill the blank) do, like Ali suggested. I have found the #100happydays
    prompt a lot easier than the #fmsphotoaday challenge th