Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Post Every day In May - Catch Up - Day 19

Dream Job  is the prompt for today and it wasn't too hard for me to come up with this one.

I have been "working" at my dream job for years.

I love being a parent and whilst there have been times where I thought I was a terrible parent, I can honestly now say otherwise.

Hubby has worked hard, and I worked at whatever I could do in school hours to ensure one of us was home when the kids were. Its been hard financially, but the rewards far outweigh that.

I look at the adults our two are becoming with so much pride.

However, now that they are older I am having to rethink my job.  Which has lead me back to study and hopefully into a new dream job. Caring for other peoples little ones.

Whats your dream job?

Debbie x

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