Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's In My Cup?


Today's blog prompt is - whats in your cup?

Well for me it is nearly always white tea with one sugar. Nerada tea is my poison and lite milk.  For years I always drank out of thick mugs, but over the last few years I have gotten a wee bit fussy and like to drink out of bone china mugs.

Some of my earliest memories are sitting at my Nana's table with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other.  Nana was very fussy, always a pot of tea, a bone china mug and extremely weak black tea. I remember always thinking what difference could a cup make? Now I know.

Since moving to the mountains I have joined a craft group and we always include afternoon tea with our crafting and it is served in beautiful tea sets which were wedding gifts or passed down from family members. Now, I have nothing like that so I have started my own collection.

I like my large pink mug in the morning because it is a big cup of tea. Then I use medium sized mugs for the rest of the day. When I host craft group, out comes the cups and saucers.

Did I mention I am fussy? Lol!

When I am out and about I drink either a latte or chai latte.

So, thats whats in my cup, whats in yours?



  1. I'm a coffee girl myself. But I have to admit that a cup of tea sounds very satisfying.

  2. Craft group sounds lovely! I really would like a nice tea set...must go on the wishlist ;) x