Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Post Every Day in May - Catch Up - Day 18

Today's prompt is to share ten things that make you happy.  I have really been thinking about this and how I tend to think happiness does not come from things but how you are feeling, and then I thought I was over thinking the whole thing. So I have stopped thinking and I am just going to list and hit the button!

My husband  - this year we celebrate 25 years of marriage (31 years of living together) and it makes me happy that we are still together.

My girl - there is a bond between us that I hope never breaks, this girls smile makes me happy.

My boy - this child only has to enter a room to make me happy.


Lucifer, my cat, curls up with me every night to sleep.

Diesel, our dog, lays his head on my lap when he wants a pat.

After leaving school 33 years ago, I am studying again.


Sharing meal times together as a family and always laughing at something our boy does.

Having the time to spend with my family.

Funny, that for all the thinking I did, my list came together quite quickly and its all about the people I love and doing things for me.

I wonder what your list would look like?

Debbie x

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  1. I love that you found this list easy. It's a really meaningful list.